Data is our Passion

Founded in 1999, CEE partners with over 950 schools in 280 districts in the western U.S. and beyond. Our goal is to work with clients in partnership and collaboration. Like the schools, districts, and agencies we work with, we share the goal of improving student learning and organizational effectiveness.

Awards and Recognition

2010 Distinguished Educators Award

Recognized by Phi Delta Kappa for distinguished careers as educators, researchers, and a decade of leadership that led to a significant and sustainable impact on student learning while influencing and improving the professional performance and growth of teachers, administrators, and school districts throughout Washington State and the United States.

2016 WERA Product Award

Recognized by Washington Education Research Association (WERA) for outstanding original products in the field of assessment, program evaluation, and school/district profiles, providing long-term value to a wide audience.  

2010 State Advocate for Education Award

Recognized by Washington State University—College of Education for advocating for good educational practice and policy at the state level.

2005 Washington State ASCD Community Award

Received community award from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) for contributing to a significant and positive impact on student learning.

Our Team


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