CEE is committed to helping our clients effectively interpret and use data to guide student achievement and school improvement efforts. We provide a wide range of consultant services both on-site and through webinars and online meeting formats for schools, districts, boards, and leadership teams.


Consulting and Professional Development

We know one size does not fit all. With our deep functional expertise and holistic perspective, our consulting services address your specific needs in a timely and result-oriented way.  Our team of experienced educators and data analysts can support you in district-wide improvement planning, school improvement planning, professional development, board presentations, and study sessions. We do this with an eye toward making the use of data relevant and immediately actionable.


Highly Capable

The Highly Capable Program Staff, Student and Parent surveys provide you with easily accessible, research-based, formative assessments of the Highly Capable programs in your buildings and district. The data collected supports annual program evaluations, program development and revision, and celebrations of program success. Additionally, these data demonstrate compliance for your annual state reporting and are tightly aligned with the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) Program Standards.

Dr. Gail Hanninen, senior author of these surveys, is a nationally recognized expert in gifted and highly capable education. CEE worked collaboratively with Dr. Hanninen to operationalize the instruments and as the exclusive administrator of these surveys, provide the reports in CEE's well-known, easy-to-read format.



Need accreditation data for your School Improvement Planning? Look no further than your ESD and CEE partnership.

Join our clients who have found great success in working with the ESD in their region and using CEE data to assist in the process of deep analysis required in accreditation. The ESDs have statutory authority to conduct the process. We have outstanding data available to you for complete and thorough analysis of your building. The ESD (or any other accreditation agency) along with CEE data can serve all of your accreditation data needs.


Comprehensive School Review

The CEE Comprehensive School Review (CSR) was developed in response to district requests for an in-depth, comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective third-party review of a school in order to a) deeply understand the current situation in the building, and b) recommend research-based next steps to drive immediate action and improvement within the school.

The CSR is a data-driven process built upon the OSPI School Improvement Rubric.  CEE uses a multi-stage process where data from each step informs the subsequent steps. When the on-site review team visits the school they focus on the most pertinent areas of the rubric in order to create the most school-specific and actionable interview questions which lead to focused and actionable recommendations.

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Formative Classroom Review and Reflection

The Formative Classroom Review and Reflection (FCR&R) is a multi-step, formative, data-acquisition process combining peer-reflection, self-reflection, and classroom observation to inform improvement planning and guide professional development for schools.

Multiple-measures enable triangulation of data. Many behaviors and outcomes are measured in several ways, creating a more accurate and valid picture of the current reality.

To give you flexibility, CEE will work with you to design a combination of independent observation and locally-directed classroom observation using CEE protocols with CEE generating periodic progress monitoring reports.