Save Time and Expand Capacity

Time to act on 2019 SBA data to inform and plan for 2020 and WSIF identification in April 2021.

CEE’s Integrated Student Data Dashboard (ISDD) is newly designed with District and Building Administrators, Program Managers, Professional Learning Community, School Boards and your school community in mind. For the first time, you can interact with WSIF indicators to predict future scores and concentrate efforts by examining trends and gaps that amongst various student groups and subgroups. See current and trend data in a simple, easy to analyze, and publishable format – all in one place.

ISDD, works for all districts, large and small, high performing and improving with report generating and easily shareable summary views of building data. Save hours or weeks of time creating district and building data reports, and make decisions about your data for change and school improvement.


Integrated Student Data Dashboard

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ISDD: Public Facing Dashboard

Select from a menu of simplified public facing ISDD dashboards to display on your website.This dashboard provides just the right amount of information to your parents and community. Customization available.