Educational Effectiveness SurveyTM (EES) is a suite of stakeholder surveys to determine organizational effectiveness, student engagement & motivation, social-emotional learning, as well as parent/community involvement. Detailed reports and a blueprint for formative discussion guide, measure, and suggest change.

Integrated Student Data Dashboard (ISDD) provides leaders and teams with an easy-to-interpret student data solution with the power to dig deep at the State, District, and School levels. The dashboards make easy work of Comparisons, Instructional Claims, and Growth Analysis with filtering tools that target highly specific data by grade level, gender, ethnicity, as well as programs such as ELL, SWD, LAP, HiCap, and more. Our data experts specifically designed ISDD to use student-level data allowing for multi-level disaggregation while eliminating data suppression.

CEE's staff of highly trained data consultants and solution planners facilitate district transformation by working with school leadership teams, staff, and school improvement consultants/facilitators.

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